Gavia, finished 02/2005. For a change I decided to build a russian ww2 fighter. I was pleasantly surprised about the quality of the kit. Parts and molding were very nice and decals behaved superbly. Only negative comments come from some gaps in seams (a quite large ones in wing roots) which needed filling. I used Eduard photoetched set and painting masks, which both worked quite well. Airbrushed with humbrol enamels + some future floor and revell matt varnish. I'm still having some problems with getting an even paint layer with my airbrush, which can be seen from some of the pics. I should also start using primer in seam areas to notice uneven seams and minor fit problems, as now some of the seams are still visible in finished model. Still, I'm moderately satisfied with the end result, as I wasn't trying to build this "perfect". This kit took part in Model Expo 2005.

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