Trumpeter, finished 06/2007. The model represents the finnish KV-1 m1942 cast turret version, in single green tone paint marked as "100", in summer/autumn 1942 configuration. The tank was captured in spring 1942, after which it went through some modifications, especially regarding fenders and air intake grilles. In 1943 the finnish three tone camo paint was applied in addition to further changes in grilles and the tank was marked as Ps. 271-1. The tank still exists and is located in the armour museum in Parola. It should be noted that though the museum setup is all green and the "100" is painted to rear, it is not identical to finnish 1942  setup.

This was easily my most demanding modelling project so far. The Trumpeter kit served as a base, to which I replaced JS-models turret and equipment boxes, and handbuilt the finnish-specific fenders and air intake grilles from sheet styrene and photo-etch metal. Also other smaller parts needed to be modified/handbuilt. The tracks are from Friulmodel, as the Trumpeter tracks are wrong type to this particular tank (it has "light type" tracks). The base colour is Tamiya XF-13 lightened a bit. Various weathering methods have been used including for example filters, washes, toning with oils, and pigments.

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