Italeri, finished 06/2013. Douglas A-20 Havoc is a twin-engine aircraft that was built for the US Air Force 19391944 and was also widely used by other Allied air forces throughout the Second World War. Featuring good low-level handling performance and tough outer shell, the A-20 flew constant anti-shipping sorties on the pacific and Mediterranean fronts and was also used as night-fighter and medium bomber over Germany. In addition to USAAF it served several Allied air forces, principally the Soviet Air Forces (VVS), Soviet Naval Aviation (AVMF) and the Royal Air Force (RAF) of the United Kingdom. Soviet units received more than one in three (2,908 aircraft), of the planes ultimately built (total number of A-20:s was 7 400). It was also used by the air forces of Australia, South Africa, France, and the Netherlands during the war, and Brazil afterwards.

My model is a G variant, which was the most produced of all the series - 2850 were built. The glazed nose of earlier variants was replaced by a solid nose containing four 20 mm (.79 in) Hispano cannon and two .50 in M2 Browning machine guns, making the aircraft slightly longer than previous versions. After the first batch of 250, the unreliable cannon were replaced by more machine guns. My model represents the plane 43-9407 "Green Hornet", pilot Lt J. C. Pryor, 675th BS, 417th BG, New Guinea 1944. This aircraft had crash landed in 1945 and was written off.

AMT originally released this 1/48 scale A-20G in 1995. It has been also later repackaged by Revell and Italeri (my model is from Italeri box). The model is generally seen quite accurate in general shapes, but level and quality of detail is not that great, and it's also not the most enjoyable kit to build because of some design issues. One could build an acceptable model straight from box quite fast, but for me getting this model ready took something like two years. However most of the time the kit was just sitting in table as I was busy with other things in life, waiting for motivation, recovering from some build accidents etc. Because of the long build time I had some additional drama with clear parts as the tape masks and paint over them were left intact for an year and it took some effort to get the masks off without removing all the surrounding paint also.

In addition to Italeri kit I used also decals from Avi Print, machine gun barrels from Karaya (very nice!) and Aires, and also made a couple of parts from scratch. This time I didn't use any photoetches. The main colours are from Lifecolor, except for the blue which is Tamiya. Additionally I used also some Humbrol and Revell paints and washes/filters/pigments from Mig and AK Interactive. Summa summarum: I got a good feeling for getting the project finally finished, and a lot of experience and reminders of what not to do in next projects. Positive surprises were that I got the weight distribution right with added lead to nose, and still the landing gear seem to be able to handle the weight (atleast so far) although the parts looked quite flimsy.

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