Hasegawa, finished 02/2007. The Bf109 "splotched desert scheme" has always been one of my favourite ones, so I wanted to build a kit having it. I chose a picture of Bf109 E-7 from the book Jagdwaffe: War over the Desert and armed with Hasegawa Bf109 E-4/7 kit and Eduard photoetch set (+ resin seat, thanks JariB) started the project. The kit went together quite nicely, although some larger seams needed putty. I used quite much of the photoetch set and even performed some plastic surgery by cutting away the plastic "flap-parts" from undernose and under-wing cooling units and replacing them with photo-etched parts. Maybe that's why the kit seemed to build even slower than usual. I used Mr. Hobby (brown) and Xtracrylix (blue & green) acrylics as basic colours. Airbrushing the green splotches with free hand took some patience & concentration as I'm still not accustomed to doing detail work with airbrush, but the end result was good enough for my eye. The decals were taken from the kit sheet, except for the "white 6" numbers that were from generic luftwaffe number sheet. For some reason the Hasegawa decals were extra-sensitive for Micro Sol liquid, and I had trouble keeping some decals from creasing. I decided to try filtering with thinned Vallejo model colours, which lead to headache as I ended up using too dense (?) mixture, although I followed the well-advertised 1-to-10 paint-water ratio (hello Mika). Probably the paint was initially too thick when I measured it. Anyway, after some cleaning operation the end result wasn't that bad, and I headed for the next phase which was washing the panel lines with some thinned burnt umber artistic oil paint. After that some chipping marks "dry-patting"  with a crumb of plastic foam and to finish, a coat of matt varnish.

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