Tamiya Kit No. 24175, finished 04/2018. Porsche 911 GT2 is the original race version of Porsche's 993 generation, built to fulfill the motorsports homogolation requirements. The model was in production between 1993-1998. Car has rear wheel drive, and twin-turbocharged 3.6 litre six-cylinder unit produces 424 Hp with top speed of 301 km/h. The cars were used widely in endurance racing series during mid nineties, for example in Le Mans 24h race, and the car was used also as a safety car in Belgian F1 grand prix of 1995. In addition to the race version, also 57 road cars were built.

During 1995 Japanese GT Car Championships (JGTC), Team Taisan had three entries with Porsche 911 GT2. Each of the cars scored a victory during the season, bringing the title to the team. This model depicts Team Taisan's car #33 driven by S. Matsuda and K. Iida, who won the Mt. Fuji race. The team colors looked so nice to my eye that I decided to use Tamiya's own decals provided with the kit, although I was also considering same year's Le Mans cars. For some reason it turned out to be really hard to find any decent photo references of Team Taisan's 1995 cars, so I mostly followed Tamiya's box art and generic Porsche 911 GT2 photos.

The Tamiya kit had good basic quality, but I wanted to add some extra detailing, so I used also a rather large photo etch set from Hobby Design, and some other individual aftermarket parts and scratchbuilt also some details myself. I started the project already 2013, but building (and the whole hobby) was on break for several years because of other stuff. On this year's Easter I was chatting with my colleague about scale modeling, and we decided to finish some old projects with a deadline being next scale modeling competition at beginning of May. So I found the motivation to finish this project and was able to do it on schedule also. A bit surprisingly the biggest headache with this kit were the decals. They were very, very brittle, and broke with a slightest touch. Luckily I had bought two kits as I got them really cheap, so I was able to get a full set of (almost) intact decals by combining the two sheets. The body color is Tamiya spray, finished with Mr. Color's Topcoat clear. Other paints I used were Tamiya and Humbrol bottles.